96 Stingray
96 Stingray
96 Stingray
96 Stingray
96 Stingray

96 Stingray


Product information

The 96 Stingray Racing Gloves are designed with experienced Superbike pilots. The focus was on the greatest possible protection of the hands. Through the use of innovative materials and an ergonomic shape, the gloves offer a high quality.

The most important change to the predecessor model is the use of stingray leather to protect the navicular. The skin is very resistant to abrasion and stable at high temperatures. It replaces the plastic protection, which can also melt on asphalt when there is heavy friction.

Each Superbike glove should have a pre-curved shape and be supple enough to give the rider a perfect feel on the handlebars. These are precisely the requirements of the 96 Stingray gloves, whose palms are made of very fine Pittard leather. This is 2x more resistant than kangaroo leather.

Mostly in a fall the little finger is first and most affected. The flexible connection between ring finger and little finger improves protection and safety. In addition, this connection was strengthened. Under the original fabric was doubled 100% DuPont Kevlar® fabric.

The racing gloves 96 Stingray are equipped with an anti-shock system made of Viscofoam material, which absorbs the energy in a fall on the asphalt. This smart material gradually deforms on impact. In production, it was used not only on the palm and wrist, but also on the main ankle and fingers.

You liked the 96er predecessor models, you will love the Stingray gloves!

4SR motorcycle gloves 96 Stingray:

Motorcycle sports leather glove designed for racing use

Protection of the palms and the pectoral bone from 100% ray skin

Semi-closed construction

The use of external seams ensures comfort while driving

Ergonomic palm and fingers for a better grip on the handlebar

A flexible plate reduces the pressure on the joints

Carbonprotector for more safety on joints and phalanges

Ring finger and little finger Compound reinforced with 100% DuPont Kevlar® reduces the risk of injury

Smart Foam Viscofoam® Anti-shock System Wrist, joints and fingers guarantee absorption and energy distribution in the event of a fall

Inner lining made of Kevlar fabric

Safe fit of the gloves in a fall through triple closure

Technical specifications

Gender: Male
Brand: 4SR