Five RFX1 Womens Adult Gloves (Black/White)


Product information

PROTECTION / FITTING / DESIGN - Your hands will feel the difference!

The hand is the most complex part of the human body and also the hardest to protect. The hand contains the highest number of bones, joints, ligaments, and nerve endings in such a limited space. If you try not using your hand, even just for an hour, you soon realize how important it is in daily life. A hand injury can prove to be a serious disadvantage in motorbiking, including professionally. Would you be able to continue your activity with an injured, immobilized hand?

Vital elements for controlling your bike are located on the handlebars. You steer, accelerate, brake (70% of the braking power is obtained via the front brake), control in short, drive your bike with the help of your hands. Your safety and performance as a rider are largely in your own hands literally! So it is of paramount importance to be able to feel the controls properly, to have optimum mobility of each joint. Rather like a pianist, the rider has to compose his trajectory by subtly combining the actions of acceleration, gear-changing, and braking, using just pressure on the levers and twist-grip and plays this score with the tips of his fingers without the slightest wrong note.

We could content ourselves with producing comfortable, protective gloves. But our passion for bikes extends to aesthetic criteria too. Gloves reflect the personality of the person wearing them. Historically and symbolically, gloves have always been an important element in dress, for women and men alike, and would often be seen as conveying distinction. Were thinking especially here of white uniform gloves and driving gloves worn by gentlemen. Even though its no longer usual to wear gloves from morning till night in everyday life, it is still true however that gloves indispensable now for their protective function alone can still embellish the person wearing them.

Thus we have chosen to create gloves that will reflect your personality and how demanding you are. And even though our innovative design is often copied by certain non-specialist manufacturers, wearing genuine FIVE gloves testifies to your desire for quality and authenticity. Our design combines perfectly functionality, performance, and aesthetics.

Technical specifications

Gender: Female
Brand: Five
Product Code: FG 0817011908