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Racing Replica Ellison
Racing Replica Ellison
Racing Replica Ellison
Racing Replica Ellison
Racing Replica Ellison

Racing Replica Ellison


Product information

The one-piece Racing Replica Ellison Suit is based on the racing combinations of our professional rider James Ellison. We use the same safety and functional elements in your racing sportswear.

The new one-piece suit is equipped with a hollow hump in which a camel bag can be inserted. Another new feature is the 3D lining, the new improved performance of the knees and sleeves, armholes and the extensive use of Kevlar Stretch panels. If you've always had a problem with wearing the suits around the paddock because they are uncomfortable, you end up having them half on and them slipped down your butt, we have solved the problem. The one-piece suits have a small button on the inside of the front zipper, which locks the zipper and acts like a belt. Clever, right?

This year, we have also added a new product for you. You can now also get your elbows down! The Elbow down TECH elbow sliders are available in different colors: - red, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow and green.

The sliders and protectors are from the Italian company Betac, along with the chest and back protectors are included in the price of these suits.
We have added additional protectors for the hip and tailbone, all from the well-known German brand Sas-Tec.

The 4SR leather suit is equipped with 18 ergonomically arranged protectors, this is the highest number of protectors for leather suits from mass production. We also equipped the station wagons with grinders for their elbows.

1,2 mm Thick Cowhide

Stylish details - print with a camouflage pattern

The suit is equipped with added elbow sliders

Ideal sitting position thanks to newly cut arms, improving arm pre-shaping

Betac top protectors on shoulders, elbows and knees, certified to EN 1621-1: 2012

Original YKK zippers

Complete perforation on the front, local perforation on the arms, hips and thighs

3D lining

Extensive Kevlar stretch panels for maximum mobility

Hollow, aerodynamic hump into which you can insert a camel bag

Double safety seams and for more stressed areas triple seams

Cuffs are made of soft Kevlar stretch

Comfort designed collar

Removable back and breast protectors

Knee sliders

Pre curved to aid comfort on the bike

4SR Race Suits are worn by professional riders over the world such as:
William Dunlop / Road Racing, TT 
James Westmoreland / BSB
Jakub Smrž / BSB
Matěj Smrž / Superbike IDM
Alistair Seeley/ BSB, North West


Technical specifications

Gender: Male
Size: 48
Brand: 4SR